• December 22 2009
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    Will text search engines soon be a thing of the past?

      "Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words" - Shailesh Nalawadi, Product Manager for Google Goggles.   Google’s new Goggles project allows users to gain access to information about an item or location simply by pointing their phone at it...
  • October 21 2009
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    The New-Wave of Internet Search

    The real-time environment of the internet has evolved a concerning dichotomy for fact and fiction. When Michael Jackson died in June, word spread too fast for Google to cope, and the site began blocking any search for “Michael Jackson”. But the lust ...
  • August 19 2009
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    Reality, only better (by Charlie)

    Posted by tom
    It seems that nowadays every new invention or gadget is set to; “change the way we see the world”. Indeed, “changing the way you see the world” has become the tagline for numerous coaching books and novel technologies alike. A simple google search pr...
  • July 29 2009
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    Riding the wave of mobile apps

    Posted by matt in Development
    The idea that digital media evolves via an avalanche of “revolutions” must be attributed to the frenzy with which the press seize upon emerging concepts. Mobile apps are no exception: they are regarded as a transformative power emerging over the whol...
  • July 13 2009
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    What comes next? Four quotes.

    Posted by John in Debate, Education, Events
    On 30th June Channel 4 education hosted "What Comes Next?", its summer conference.  The attendees were what Flux calls "an eclectic mix of digital media and education professionals", and the day was characterised by an inspiring degree of enthusiasm ...
  • June 02 2009
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    Democracy 2.0

    Posted by tom in Web 2.0
    It seems the gap between politicians and the public has never been wider. A lack of trust in our representatives – in their motives, spending habits, and fundamental ability to lead has damaged the reputation of MPs and British politics as a whole. T...
  • May 20 2009
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    Arrr! Changing tides for internet piracy

                                                2009 has been a truly dark year for the public image of piracy. And I’m not talking about Somalian pirates, but the issue of digital rights, specifically in entertainment. It’s estimated that piracy an...
  • May 18 2009
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    The Age of Immorality

    Are bank bonuses and MP expenses just sensationalist news fodder or genuinely a sign of our times? Do we live in a time without morals?These and other questions will be debated at the UK's first philosophy and music festival which takes place in Hay ...
  • April 06 2009
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    How well do you tube?

    'Hi John, what did you do this weekend?' 'Not much - Friday night I stayed in, but on Saturday a friend was having a youtube party, so I had quite a late one.' Not true.  No-one I know had a youtube party on Saturday, and the notion of a youtube par...
  • March 25 2009
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    Keeping control

    Posted by matt in Debate, Rambles, Web 2.0
    So the media outcry about Street View continues. Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) today defended the roll-out of Google Street View to UK cities by saying that "We agree with the concerns over privacy... The way we address it is by allowing people to op...
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