February 12 2010

AR in the classroom

Posted by John in Augmented reality

Just a quick one, but I felt this needed more than a single line in the feed on our homepage.  I had an illuminating meeting  at the Leading Edge programme at the SSAT this Monday.  It's rare that you meet someone in such total agreement with you as to what technology can do in the classroom, and I would have walked away sufficiently impressed by that occurrence alone were it not for the little demo I got of the SSAT''s learn AR tool.  You''d think that AR in the classroom would start off as a gimmick but for the most part this stuff goes beyond just allowing students to visualise things more clearly - it allows them to do things they might not otherwise be able to.


Cue a Geiger counter experiment (can't get a screenshot for love or money) that some schools can't carry out because they can't get hold of the right materials: 1 marker for the counter, 1 marker for the radioactive source, and another to represent whatever you're putting between them to compare the absorption of different materials.  Engaging, safe, cheap, magic.  Not surprised it was a hit at BETT.

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