• October 20 2008
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    Education Unbound 2008 - Hear the speakers

    Last Wednesday, Online hosted Education Unbound 2008. We would like to thank the panel for sharing their interesting and insightful comments and we hope that both speakers and guests enjoyed the night as much as we did. Chairing the panel debate for ...
  • September 30 2008
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    Scottish Learning Festival

    Last week Online ventured north to the 2008 Scottish Learning Festival … always worth the trip because of the buzz around the show (and the fact that it’s far more manageable than London’s rather overwhelming BETT show).The show itself is ok, but the...
  • September 23 2008
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    Disrupting Class

    Clayton Christensen’s new book, Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns looks at the reasons why public schools in the US struggle to help all children fulfil their potential and offers solutions based on Chri...
  • June 30 2008
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    Alternate Reality Games and Education

    Posted by matt in Education
    When my friends ask me what alternate reality games (ARGs) are, they usually say something like, “Second Life, right?” No, dear friends, no. It’s bigger than that, better! Sometimes they’re a little scared to ask because they know how over-excited I ...
  • February 28 2008
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    C4 Education strategy bears fruit

    Posted by matt in Education, Publishing
    Bow Street Runner represents Channel 4 Education’s first real foray into the world of delivering informal education via alternate-reality games. This one takes the users - it is aimed at the C4 Education heartland of 14-19yr olds - into an immersive ...
  • February 19 2008
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    BETT Awards 2008

    Posted by matt in BETT, Education, Web 2.0
    So the BETT awards for educational technology have been announced and from looking at the winners we can only conclude that standards have been raised. The winning products are bright, original and versatile resources that fulfil the needs of teacher...
  • January 18 2008
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    Social Networking: does it bring positive change to education?

    As part of a series of debates on education, the Economist website held an “Oxford-style” online debate this week on the subject of “Social Networking: does it bring positive change to education?”.Ewan McIntosh, of edublogger fame, spoke for the prop...
  • January 14 2008
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    BETT 2008

    Posted by matt in Education
    Happy New Year!The Online team attended BETT last week to meet with our friends in the industry and to see what new offerings were on the market.We had a few products on display on our clients’ stands, including BEAM Education’s Number Challenge, whi...
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