February 09 2009

Yes. No. Maybe. Could polls be the way forward for facebook?

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As a facebook devotee, (and moreover one that tries to ignore the adverts) I’m always keen to hear of ideas for making the site financially viable. Therefore, the article, Networking site cashes in on friends, published by the Daily Telegraph (admittedly contested elsewhere) caught my eye as offering an interesting alternative to the traditional marketing/premium services conundrum.

Apparently, Zuckerberg and his team are planning to capitalize on facebook’s massive user-base through polls, and lots of them. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Zuckerberg demonstrated the power of facebook as a market research tool by asking 10,000 American users whether they believed that Obama’s fiscal stimulus package would revive the economy, and users in Israel and Palestine about contemporary peace issues. Impressively, he was able to feed the results back to the audience in minutes.

Surely facebook can’t compete with a trusty focus group for in-depth consumer insight, but with a user-base of 150 million and the ability to target users based on the information revealed in their profiles, facebook’s size could offer consumer brands the opportunity to almost instantaneously poll a very large sample of people.

Would I answer a poll that appeared on my minifeed? I’ll be interested to see.

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