Digital CET resources

DOCET (Directorate of Optometric Continuing Education and Training) was set up by the Department of Health to manage government funds for the provision of continuing education and training (CET) for all 11,000 UK registered optometrists.

Open has worked in partnership with DOCET for a number of years, creating engaging resources that deliver key information to UK optometrists across multiple platforms including web, mobile, CD and DVD.

Quarterly podcasts

For the last 5 years we have produced the highly-regarded Optometric Quarterly CD and podcast, presented by Radio 4’s Geoff Watts. The programme keeps UK optometrists up to date with all the latest research and best practice advice – as its new name ‘Advances in Eyecare’ suggests.

The programme has been running for many years but since we have taken up the reigns we have introduced a number of innovations. We created the popular iOS app, which allows optometrists to stay in the loop, wherever they are. We also introduced a feedback system which offers listeners the chance to have a say in the programme’s future direction.

Feature length videos

In addition, we produce in-depth, feature length video resources that act as comprehensive guides to particular topics.

We created the 'Hygiene, Infection Control, and Waste Disposal' and 'Clinical Decision Making' training resources. Hygiene followed a typical high-street optometric practice as it prepared to undergo an inspection, while CDM presented viewers with a series of patient case studies, each accompanied by a peer discussion session in which a group of optometrists talked about the case and the treatment or referral decisions they would make. The videos provided optometrists with clear guidance on identifying and managing hygiene risks, and making the right clinical choices in practice respectively.

Our latest project is an exciting new video filmed in a TV studio. We adopted a talk show style format to create ‘Open your Eyes: The effects of Modern Lifestyle on the Eye’. The programme intersperses in-studio discussion with on location reports, bringing together high profile ‘guests’ from across healthcare professions. One of its key aims is to share knowledge and to demonstrate how optometrists can work with GPs, pharmacists and dentists to improve primary care across the board.


Scripting and briefing

Our team of dedicated creatives, researchers and specialist medical writers work together to produce accurate, detailed and stylised scripts. We take care to curate excellent content, working alongside our DOCET training advisor every step of the way to make sure we get the right messages across. We are also responsible for briefing all subject matter experts on exactly what is required of them. We are experienced at getting the best out of even the most nervous or camera shy contributors. 



We’re on hand to organise all the logistics and we work with well trained directors and technical professionals to produce a high quality end result. We also work with professional presenters, reporters, actors and voice over artists to deliver programmes that are entertaining as well as educational. We continue to collaborate closely with our DOCET training advisor throughout the production process, to make sure we are providing exactly what our client needs.


Post production

Our in house post production facility is fully equipped with multiple online and offline edit suites and an audio suite. Our experienced editors, directors and creatives work together to carry out the editing, audio and vision mixing. Our designers create graphics and animations that can bring facts and figures to life. 

Feedback to our videos is overwhelming positive: "Fantastic, best CET seen in long time"

"Best quality CET I have completed in the new cycle – was almost as good as a peer review."

"Brilliant CET – enjoyed the video and all the scenarios"

Our podcast iOS app has been downloaded over 2,500 times