Life. Live it.

Awareness campaign and accompanying elearning resources

Life. Live it. is an award-winning first aid marketing campaign for the British Red Cross. Open worked on the campaign and developed elearning resources, making full use of video, print and interactive platforms within a larger PR campaign. 

Although evidence has shown that knowing even a very small amount of ‘first aid’ will save lives, the public have a very different perception of what first aid training entails. Many people are under the impression that embarking on training is a serious commitment that requires a great deal of time and very detailed knowledge - Open have been working closely in partnership with the British Red Cross over several years to challenge these misconceptions.

At the time of the campaign there was no provision on the UK National Curriculum for any first aid teaching; our ultimate aim was to influence this Government policy. We were heavily involved with the awareness campaign, but more importantly, we came up with the practical solution for how to administer training. We produced an elearning resource that the British Red Cross sited as a big contributing factor to the success of the campaign: “if we had lobbied without a solution, then people are naturally going to turn around and say ‘how are people going to get trained?’, whereas if we say: ‘and here is the solution’ it’s much easier.”

The main challenges were to make first aid palatable for teachers regardless of their experience of the subject, and to successfully convey to young people and parents the importance of learning first aid. The targets of the campaign were identified teachers, parents, students and policy makers.



Crucial to the success of the campaign was offering a learning solution that could be easily picked up and used by teachers with little or no experience of first aid themselves, and enable them to teach the subject.  We created a digital resource kit containing lesson plansand teaching materials to allow a user to structure a lesson with minimal preparation time.  The digital resource contained video clips and powerpoint presentations as well as suggested schemes of work and an interactive quiz to consolidate learning.



We also created a promotional film and DVD for the campaign, conveying the campaign’s message powerfully, in a way designed to appeal to young people. This solution aimed to inspire rather than convince, in a tone which didn’t tell the audience to care about something, but in which it was respected that they already did so. Using dramatisation, OPEN’s approach is set at a music festival and introduces three sets of friends.  As they are introduced the viewer gets a sense that these are real people who have survived life threatening incidents thanks to their companions.



Parents of young children are particularly worried about not being able to deal with small injuries, but they are often too busy to attend formal courses. A free web-based first aid training tool allows parents (and anyone else) to quickly dip in and out of a range of topics, picking up essential skills from short videos and animations. The e-learning resource is packed with custom-designed quizzes, videos, animation and text.

Awarded the Best Education Campaign Award at the UK Charity Awards.

Influenced a change in the UK National Curriculum

Reached 40,000 young people

Generated over 73 million ‘opportunities to see’